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Background of the Phillip House Foundation

Founded in 1997 by Ovidiu and Viorica Filipescu, the Phillip House Foundation is an officially recognized NGO providing humanitarian support for disadvantaged children and their families in the Ferentari Extension district and the Nehoiu Valley in Buzau county.

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What makes us Unique

We work where others lack the courage to go. Our projects are located in some of the most impoverished urban and rural areas in Romania, namely the ghettos from Ferentari Extension Area and the village of Nehoiasului Valley in Buzau County.

Without intervention by the Phillip House Foundation, the outlook for the children in these areas is bleak. Children in these poverty-stricken areas lack basic necessities such as food and clothing. Their parents have very low-paying jobs or they are unemployed. If the children do not stay in school, they will likely resort to selling drugs, stealing, begging, and/or becoming prostitutes.

At the Phillip House Foundation, we realize that the best hope for the future of these children lies in education, so we have developed programs to prevent school drop-out and to improve school performance. We also meet the children's basic needs by providing nutritious meals and medical care. Understanding that the family situation of each child is also critical to development, we provide social assistance to the families as well.

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Our Vision

We believe every child deserves a chance to succeed in life, no matter what his or her circumstances. By providing resources and opportunities to impoverished children, we hope to transform their lives and empower them to succeed in the future. Our staff models and reinforces the value of respect for others, the importance of education, and the necessity of personal initiative, all of which are critical to proper development and future achievement. It is our fervent hope that as these children grow older, they will share these values and in turn transform the lives of others in their community.

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Our Mission

The Phillip House Foundation exists to improve the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of disadvantaged children and teenagers and their families (including those from the Roma population) through educational support, social and medical assistance, psychological counseling, and extracurricular activities. Our programs are designed to effectively address the complex needs facing the children and their families.

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Key Objectives


  • To (re)integrate disadvantaged children into the educational system, from pre-school age through high school.
  • To prevent school drop-out
  • To develop an educational partnership with teachers in schools attended by the assisted children
  • To provide supplemental and continuing education for parents
  • To offer professional guidance and career counseling for parents


  • To daily serve a nutritious meal to each assisted child
  • To provide vitamins and other dietary supplements


  • To provide medical care and assistance, dental care and health education
  • To offer psychological counseling, both individual and group therapy, for children and their parents
  • To ensure proper nutrition for the assisted children


  • To address specific family issues to prevent child abandonment
  • To assess individual and family needs and develop strategic ways to meet those needs
  • To develop and maintain partnerships with the families and the community, with local leaders, with governmental authorities, and with other non-governmental organizations


  • To provide a safe place for children to play in an otherwise dangerous neighborhood
  • To stimulate healthy cross-cultural interaction
  • To promote cultural education, specifically about the Roma culture
  • To provide additional recreational activities

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Contact Info

Str. Tunsu Petre, nr. 9, sector 5
Tel: +40 21 4561470
Mobile: +40 72 2556108

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Raiffeisen Bank, Romania

For EUR, use IBAN: RO40 RZBR 0000 0600 0200 8834
For USD, use IBAN: RO02 RZBR 0000 0600 0066 4031
For RON, use IBAN: RO56 RZBR 0000 0600 0066 4029

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