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Neighborhood Profile

Parents in the Ferentari Extension Area are typically unemployed and lack a basic education. Many are illiterate, some have completed schooling through the eighth grade, and a few have graduated from high school. Overall, there is a definite need for supplemental and continuing education, especially with regards to issues like personal hygiene, parenting methods, health and contraceptive education, and the job market.

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What we offer

The Phillip House Resources Center was created to provide much-needed education at no cost, with sessions taught by qualified teachers, social workers, and educational specialists.

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Specific Services

  • Educational programs for parents on the following topics: health education (personal hygiene, contraceptive methods and family planning, disease prevention including HIV/AIDS), proper nutrition, alcoholism, smoking, prostitution and human trafficking, child and human rights, equal access to education, school drop-out prevention, family abandonment, children's physical and psychological development, parenting methods
  • Information about job opportunities for unemployed parents

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Overall we want to raise the parents' awareness about their own responsibility towards their children and empower them to better care for their children.

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